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A matter of scale

When it comes to helping students navigate the daunting
hiring process, interview coaching and preparation is a powerful
means of boosting student confidence and improving their skills  

Due to limited scale, most career centers can only effectively
prepare students for a limited number of companies and positions

wizco career center

A personalized coaching experience

Complements your service

Tailored to your students' needs, our market experts'
first-hand experience and opportune guidance significantly
increases your job placement rate.

Find your expert match

Custom expert search

You know your students better than anyone else. Pick the right match from your team of interview coaches or explore our community of experts

Book your mock interview

Reduce admin and save time

A streamlined booking system and round the clock customer support radically reduces the time advisors spend scheduling sessions

Receive interview preparation advice

User-friendly sessions

Featuring unique feedback and reporting capabilities, we've made it easier for coaches to share their valuable insights and advice

Join your digital mock interview online

Fully-integrated dashboard

Equipped with your own branded account, we provide a range of search options, useful status updates and access to past sessions and reports

A real game changer

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We recognize the amazing work career advisors are doing in supporting and nurturing young professionals across the globe.

As such, we want nothing more than to help career advisors. Here's how:

    • Intuitive scheduling - Our user-friendly platform assists by radically reducing the time it takes to book a coaching session.
    • Feedback and reporting features - In addition to the standard online meeting features, we've equipped career advisors with the tools they need to share their valuable insight and knowledge with ease. 
    • Support - We care about making this relationship work and are here to guide your career advisors throughout the process, standing by to answer any questions or address concerns. 


Not at all!  We're happy to tailor a workable solution to suit your student and alumni's needs. 

Keep it simple by sticking to your trusted career advisors or explore what's out there by offering students the choice between a career advisor or external expert.


We know you're doing an amazing job coaching and preparing your students for their job interviews and we are here to help. In many cases, since the variety of positions and companies is endless, your ability to professionally guide your students for each specific position and company is limited.

Our coaching service is focused on coaching applicants for the advanced part of the hiring process, when students move forward with the process and are interviewed by industry professionals. At that point, we match them with an expert with the most relevant experience in this industry and position.


We work with thousands of experts from a wide variety of companies, positions, and industries. This allows us to perfectly match each student with an expert with the most relevant professional experience.


We work with experts from all around the world (US, UK, Europe, Asia, South America).


Our wide network of experts allows us to coach applicants in any language.


Wizco takes privacy and security seriously and has implemented security means and internal policies to ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as the EU GDPR and CCPA. 

You may access, amend, or remove your personal data from our database at any point. For a full breakdown, please see our Privacy Policy.



We have different models to fit all career center sizes - please contact us for more information.