Compliance Framework

Wizco clients value our experts for their knowledge and insights, but also recognize and respect their limitations. We have worked with thousands of clients, companies and experts to develop the world’s most robust compliance framework for professional career and applicant coaching.
We have invested considerable financial resources and thousands of hours to create the most technologically advanced and comprehensive compliance system in the industry. Our systems and compliance protocols help experts manage conflicts. Our compliance framework is a key reason why clients overwhelmingly choose to work with Wizco.

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For Wizco Experts

1. Contracts

In order to be eligible to coach and consult, Wizco requires its experts to sign, and annually re-sign, our Terms and Conditions of Wizco Experts. By signing, they agree that they:

  • Have reviewed any agreements or policies to which they are subject and are permitted to join the Wizco Expert Network;
  • Will decline to participate in any session that would violate those agreements or any obligations they may owe to third parties;
  • Will not provide confidential (including material non-public) information to clients and/or applicants;
  • Will keep client and/or applicants interests and information confidential.

View the current Terms and Conditions of the Wizco Expert Network

2. Training

Wizco Experts are required to go through our interactive tutorial each year. The training branches depending on the expert’s specific background within their sector. The Tutorial explains what constitutes “confidential information,” sensitizes experts to any confidentiality obligations they may have, and emphasizes that our clients and applicants do not want – and will actually be harmed – if they receive confidential information.

3. Conflict Management

At Wizco, we actively solicit expert conflicts and use this information to disqualify experts from sessions associated with applicants and companies that aren’t suitable for them. Among other things, in connection with projects, we ask profile questions which help us determine whether experts have the requisite knowledge to provide insight to clients and applicants, and to understand the experts’ conflicts and limitations.

For Clients and Applicants

Wizco have created a web-based client dashboard and other review and input modules for clients and applicants. Through the client dashboard and other applicant review modules, the users can view the Wizco expert information (e.g. their professional background and the experts' historical usage with the firm).

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Last updated: June, 2023

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