Expert FAQ



We match each applicant with the most relevant Wizco experts, taking into consideration the position, company, industry, experience, and both the applicant and expert's availability.

    It's easy!

    Interview coaching is at the heart of what we do. As such we have put a lot of thought and care into designing our platform. Using video chat on the Wizco platform, we simulate a real interview scenario. At the end of each simulation, the applicant receives a written report with practical advice along with a video recording of the interview. The video includes real-time comments and feedback added by the Wizco expert, helping the applicants to understand what they did well and where they can improve. 


    Wizco experts are employees and managers working for a wide variety of companies in various positions - HR, Product, R&D, Finance, Marketing, etc. Their interest is both financial - getting paid for the service they provide - and professional - networking  and getting to know colleagues from different positions and also practicing hiring procedures.


    Regarding frequency, it really depends on your availability and experience.

    Some experts are able to commit to regular coaching sessions, while others do one every few weeks or so. We aim to sign up professional experts with relevant background in the applied position and industry, so the more experience one has, the more likely they are to get multiple matches.


    Our experts are in no way obligated to conduct a session. If you’re contacted with an applicant match, you’re free to turn down the session due to scheduling constraints. Our experts decide when and how often they conduct sessions based on their availability.


    We pay by bank transfer, PayPal, or Amazon gift card - you can decide which is the best option for you.


    Our trial interviews are structured as follows:

    • Introduction - 5 minutes
    • Professional mock interview - 35 minutes
    • One-on-one session feedback - 5-10 minutes


    Before the session, we'll send you the applicant's relevant details - their current and desired position, and past experience, a guideline of how to use the system, and how to prepare before a session.

    It's important to us that you come prepared and lead the session, bringing yourself and your experience to the table. Our experts' unique professional experience helps better prepare our applicants for a large variety of positions in a number of industries.

    At the end of the interview, you'll be asked to answer a few questions on the applicant's performance. Your answers, together with your real-time feedback entered during the session and the video recording form the session feedback report that is sent to the applicant.


    As these sessions are conducted in your free time, there's no need to leave your current position to be a Wizco expert. In fact, we don't even ask you to sign a contract, but we do ask our experts to agree to our Terms of Use.