Everything we do at Wizco is inspired by feedback from people like you, and we want to keep learning and improving as we go.

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Wizco is a platform that offers job applicants and candidates a personalized, online coaching service that uses industry experts to significantly increase candidates acceptance rates. The guidance process is tailored to each candidate’s specific position and needs, and unlike the general guidance offered our advice is given by experts with relevant professional experience and backgrounds.

Wizco is connecting job applicants with industry experts that have answers and can provide ad-hoc guidance along the hiring process. Our experts work, or have worked, in similar positions and companies as those of your candidates, and have inside information and much needed expertise. As hiring process complexity increases - It pays to be prepared; Wizco experts come from a vast selection of companies and professions, which allows us to match applicants with the experts they need. Our experts provide personal guidance throughout the application process, from submitting the application to getting the dream job.

People no longer work for one company for their entire career, retiring after 50 years with a pension and a gold watch. The typical employee will have 12 different employers in his or her lifetime with an average duration of 4.2 years per place of employment. Millennials are statistically twice as likely to leave their jobs in search of better offers. As the job market becomes more complex and more professional, the screening processes become longer and more specific. This forces the applicants to invest more time and energy in preparation. On top of that, learning and reading aren’t preparing the applicant in a sufficient way for the real application process which involves live interviews and professional assignments. The competition for each open position is fierce with an average of 250 resumes for a top role so applicants who wish to improve their chances of getting an offer letter need to find a way to shine.

Wizco experts are employees and managers working for a wide variety of companies in various positions (HR, product, R&D, finance, marketing, etc.). Their interest is both financial (getting paid for the service they provide) and professional (networking - getting to know colleagues from different positions and also practicing hiring procedures).


We match each applicant with the most relevant Wizco experts, taking into consideration the position, company, industry, experience, and both sides’ availability.

    It's easy.
    Interview coaching is one of our core services and we have designed our platform to perfectly answer these needs. We simulate a real interview scenario using video chat on the Wizco platform. At the end of each simulation, the applicant receives a written report with “practical” advice and a video recording of the interview. The video includes real-time comments and feedback added by the Wizco expert and helps the applicants preserve or improve their actions.