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Wizco provides students and applicants with personalized, online interview coaching. Our vast network of experts allows us to tailor the sessions to meet each student's needs, while the platform's intuitive design makes it easy to use.

If this sounds like the kind of tool you're missing or if you think you've got what it takes to be an expert, you can learn more about what we have to offer below. 


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At Wizco, we recognize the incredible work career centers across the world are doing in preparing and mentoring their students and alumni as they enter the job market. We want nothing more than to support them in supporting others.

To do so, we've chosen to focus on interview preparation. Addressing current limitations and exploring unrealized potential, we've upgraded the mock-interview.

A streamlined booking system, round the clock customer support and matching algorithm radically reduces the time advisors spend dealing with admin associated with scheduling sessions and finding suitable mock-interviewers.

Featuring user-friendly feedback and reporting capabilities, our platform makes it easier for advisors to share valuable insights on what students can expect and how best they can prepare.

Fully integrated, each career center has their own branded account, with useful session status updates, a range of search options, and unlimited access to past sessions and reports.

We'd love to work with you in shaping the next generation of professionals.

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We need you!

Wizco relies on a diverse database of experts to ensure each student or applicant finds the perfect match. While nurturing new talent, our experts are growing their professional networks and making extra income - all in your free time. 

Our user-friendly platform allows experts to provide real-time feedback, making it easier to share valuable insights.

Built to save time, scheduling a session is as simple as saying yes or no – giving you complete control over when and how often you coach. Our data-driven approach means you’ll always match with applicants relevant to your experience and expertise.

Paid per session, we offer a rate guideline depending on your position, location and experience. The more reasonable your rate, the more likely you are to get matched. Payment options include PayPal, TransferWise or Amazon Gift Card.

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