Meet your
recruitment goals

Wizco is a technology-driven solution
that connects your applicants with
industry experts who provide tailored
one-on-one coaching and guidance,
significantly increasing your applicants'
chances of success in the competitive
job market.

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Build lasting client

With your candidates consistently proving themselves a cut above the rest, employers will see you as a trusted source of talent, enabling you to build lasting relationships and attract repeat business.

Recruitment agencies cannot survive without satisfied customers; positive relationships will increase the longevity and profitability of your business.

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Valuable feedback
& insight

You have a handful of applicants who, on paper, seem perfect for a position, but what about the human factor?

Wizco's mock interviews give you deeper perspectives on a candidate's professional profile and career prospects as well as help you provide exactly who employers are looking for.

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Wizco is a platform which provides applicants and candidates with a personalized, online coaching service led by industry expert, significantly increasing their success rates. Tailored to each candidate’s specific position and needs, our guidance process is unlike the general advice often offered in these contexts in that it is informed by experts with the relevant professional experience and backgrounds.


Wizco connects job applicants with industry experts who ask the right questions and have the right answers. Our experts work, or have worked, in similar positions and companies to those of your candidates. Their firsthand experience and much needed expertise demystify the hiring process. As hiring processes become more complex, it pays to be prepared.

Wizco experts come from a vast selection of companies and professions, allowing us to match applicants with the experts they need. Our experts provide personal guidance throughout the application process, from submitting the application to accepting an offer.


People no longer work for one company for their entire career - retiring after 50 years with a pension and a gold watch is a thing of the past.The typical employee will have 12 different employers in their lifetime with an average duration of 4.2 years per place of employment. Millennials are statistically twice as likely to leave their jobs in search of better offers.

As the job market becomes more complex, the screening processes become longer and more specific, forcing applicants to invest more time and energy into preparation. But application processes involve interviews and professional assignments, practical tasks for which there is limited preparation available. To top it off, the competition for each open position is fierce with an average of 250 resumes being submitted for a top role.Ultimately, applicants looking to improve their chances of getting an offer letter, must find a better way to shine.


We match each applicant with the most relevant Wizco experts, taking into consideration the position, company, industry, experience, and both the applicant and expert's availability.

    It's easy!

    Interview coaching is at the heart of what we do. As such we have put a lot of thought and care into designing our platform. Using video chat on the Wizco platform, we simulate a real interview scenario. At the end of each simulation, the applicant receives a written report with practical advice along with a video recording of the interview. The video includes real-time comments and feedback added by the Wizco expert, helping the applicants to understand what they did well and where they can improve. 


    Our service increases the applicant success rate, therefore increasing the agency’s potential income. In many cases, since the variety of positions and companies is endless, your ability to professionally guide your applicants for each specific position and company is limited.

    Our coaching service is focused on coaching applicants for the advanced part of the hiring process, when students move forward with the process and are interviewed by industry professionals. At that point, we match them with an expert with the most relevant experience in this industry and position.


    We have different models to fit all recruiting agencies types and sizes - please contact us for more information.


    We work with thousands of experts from a wide variety of companies, positions, and industries. This allows us to perfectly match each student with an expert with the most relevant professional experience.


    We work with experts from all around the world (US, UK, Europe, Asia, South America).


    Our wide network of experts allows us to coach applicants in any language.


    Wizco takes privacy and security seriously and implemented security means and internal policies to ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as the EU GDPR and CCPA.

    You may access, amend, or remove your personal data from our database at any point. For a full breakdown, please see our Privacy Policy.