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How to nail your next job interview!

Interviews can be daunting, striking fear into the most confident of students and applicants. With conflicting information available on how to best prepare, we’ve narrowed down the top tips on how to excel at your next interview.

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Be the STAR of your interview

You're bound to get thrown a curve ball at your interview, with a question that might leave you a little shaken. Fear not; by following the STAR narrative thread, you will be providing the interviewer with an easy-to-comprehend and compelling anecdote.


Top tips for answering technical interview questions

So, you are excited that you've made it to the next round of your interview process, the technical interview, but don’t know what to expect? This is the opportunity to showcase and apply your skills; think of it as your time to shine.

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Top tips for answering behavioral interview questions

You've landed that critical interview for your dream job. Now you feel like the pressure is on to absolutely nail the interview and there's a hundred different thoughts buzzing through your mind. Stop. Breathe. Relax. We've got you covered.

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Top tips for answering situational interview questions

When it comes to that all-important interview that's either going to kick-start your career or elevate it to the next level, there's no such thing as being over-prepared. To impress the interviewer you need to be ready to tackle the toughest questions.

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Top tips for answering case-study interview questions

Case-study interviews are as common in the professional world as the traditional question-and-answer interview, but if you've ever found yourself wondering to yourself, "what are they, really?" then look no further than the name. They are, in themselves, built on business scenarios.